Custom Computer

Why a Regal Computer Services Custom PC?

Custom PC's are built to order and built from high grade computer components sourced at the time of your order.

Our computers come with a 1 year full warranty on parts and labor!

Compare this to other manufacturers who batch produce thousands of PC's testing only a handful out of each batch. These PCs may then sit on a store shelf for months before finally being sold.

We can build PC's for any use be it casual, business, gaming or entertainment purposes.

We pride ourselves on the quality of product we produce and once you use a Regal PC you will understand why!

Pricing depends exactly on your requirements so contact us for pricing, part prices fluctuate and we always try to get the best price for your buck!

Over the course of the last five years we have built custom computers for local government, residential and business customers with all of our custom computers sold in this timeframe in use to this day.

Yes you may pay a little more for a custom computer but you more than get that value back in quality and longevity!

  • Name brand, NOT GENERIC parts
  • Handbuilt to order
  • Operating System manually installed
  • Software manually installed
  • Windows Updates manually installed
  • On-site installation (negotiable)
  • 1year Warranty from Us, it breaks we fix it!
  • Latest Anti-virus



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