Remote Support

We can connect to your computer remotely with your permission to fix software issues, run diagnostics, or even setup and configure a new computer. We can do this via imPC Remote a well known and established remote support tool.

Alternatively click here if you are looking for regularly scheduled Maintenance for your business or organization. 

Remote Support is charged at $60 per hour. You must pay for your first hour up front. Additional hours will be billed at the end of the connection.

Please note certain issues may not be able to be resolved via Remote Support such as a hardware fault. If you are unable to get to your Windows desktop this kind of remote support service will not be possible and you should consult with a local technician that can visit your location OR take your computer to a repair shop for repair.

Download Remote Client

Click the Download button to initiate the download.

Installation Instructions

Once downloaded please click OR double click to run the installer, if prompted choose Next or OK to confirm installation.

At this point we will be able to connect remotely to your computer (as scheduled), if at anytime you decide you no longer wish Regal Computer Services to have remote access to your computer uninstall the imPC Remote client from your computer via Control Panel / Uninstall a Program.

Remote Support Request

We offer this service Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays) 10am to 2pm EST by appointment only. Please do not schedule same day appointments, due to scheduling conflicts these will be declined.

Your Computer Name (optional).
  • • Hold Windows key and Pause/Break key.
  • • Device name is your Computer Name.
Requested Date
Requested Time (EST)
Please verify this is an authentic request by entering the displayed numbers and digits below.

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