Over the course of almost ten years Regal Computer Services has worked very closely with the Town of Lapel. 

We have guided the Town of Lapel with the support of the Town Board, Employees and Clerk/Treasurer into a very technological forwards Town.

We now provide websites for the Town Hall, Parks Department (Shelter and Ball Field Scheduling), Planning Department (Permit Filing), Town Wide Alert System, Police Department, Private Work Order/Ticket Tracking and more.

Over the course of the last few years we have completely upgraded the Town IT infrastructure to provide modern, high quality custom computers running Windows 7 - 10 on a Windows Server 2016 back end.

  •    •  Advanced Security
  •    •  Account Management
  •    •  Uploading
  •    •  SEO
  •    •  PDF Creation
  •    •  Image and Photo Manipulation
  •    •  Text and Email Generation
  •    •  Advanced Search Engines
  •    •  Timesheet Generation
  •    •  Calendar and Appointment Scheduling
  •    •  and much much more....
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Town of Lapel, Indiana




Municipality Projects

Lapel Parks Department

01 January 2016

Lapel Parks Department

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